As poker continues to gain more and more recognition, women are more interested to occupy the game. Until the last poker boom, poker was basically a male card game. Less than 10% of the players in the usual poker casino game were women.

In fact, playing poker in a casino or in a club or in a club of poker and mortars – is that many women are still reluctant to do. Old macho opinions and visions of smoke-filled rooms can explain most of this indecision. For whatever reason, women still have to fully understand the real poker games in any amount.

Online poker is another story

Studies show that more than a third of online poker players are women. Women are the fastest growing segment of the online poker game. In general, women prefer to play poker online. Playing online poker gives them a convenient and less intimidating way to learn and gain more experience in the game. In addition, women prefer lower rates available online.

While men can play for “action” or compete, women tend to play poker as a means of escape. In general, men are playing to win, but the woman, being competitive, playing more for social reasons. Other causes, which say that women prefer online poker – is an opportunity to play poker from the safety of the home environment, without having to dress, play in the casino, to be able to play poker in an environment where Gender is not a problem.


Playing poker online from your own home is not only safer, but also more convenient. An online player can play poker while matching her busy schedule. The idea of ​​getting dressed, driving for miles to get to the casino, disturbing distributors waiting for a table and coming home, maybe a couple of drinks – that’s what some women find attractive. Compare this with relaxation, playing a few hands of online poker at the end of the day, and it is easy to understand why many women prefer to play poker online.

According to the latter reason, many women prefer to play online, which is connected with the rude attitude of some male players. Whether it is an imperious intolerant, caring for the groom or patriarch’s condescension; women just do not want to worry about all this.

Online poker is the ideal solution

A player can play in an online environment, since the gender problem is not a problem. If there is abusive chat, you can simply disable chat violators with a single click. You can choose a screen name that does not reveal your gender, if you wish.

So, ladies, if you’re looking for a safe and comfortable place to polish your poker skills, online poker offers great advantages over its brick and mortar counterparts. Many women and women have already discovered the world of online poker. Check it. I think you’ll be impressed. Gamepokerqq is not just for kids.