The casino is fishing and gambling game which originated in Italy and has become widely popular in English speaking countries. It mainly started with card games but now has several slot games and poker which is widely played in casinos. With the advent of dominoqqnet and online casinos the gambling industry has seen a boom and now people can enjoy playing such games right at their home. Let us look at the details of card casino games.

Players and cards on dominoqqnet websites –

The game is popularly played as a multi-player game with at least 2 to 4 players though it can be more. In the game, a regular 52 card deck is used and the numeric cards have their numeric values.

The deal –

The dealer then gives 4 cards to each of the players and keeps 4 cards face up in the center of the table which is visible to all players. The remainder of the deck is kept aside. After each of the players has played their four cards then new four cards are dealt. This continues till all the 52 cards are completed. The dealer announces “Last” when the last set of 4 cards are dealt.

The play –

The play begins with the player who sits at the left of the dealer and then it continues clockwise. Each of the players gets the option to play one card out from the cards which are placed on the table. The card which is chosen by the player may or may not capture one or more cards from the table. If there is a capture then the player can take all the cards that are captured and stores them face down, but if there is no capture then the card put by the player remains face up on the table.

Capture can be done in online websites by using following techniques –

  • Capturing with a face card
  • Capturing with a numeral card
  • Capturing a build

Scoring – Score is calculated based on the value of the cards captured or won by a player. The more you can score, the higher is the win. If you are playing with real money then you must try to make the maximum score to have a huge payout. The rules differ in case of tournaments. Rules for scoring on domino qq net are as follows –

  • Person with most cards gets 3 points
  • Person with the most number of Spades gets 1 point
  • Every ace gets the player one point
  • 10 of diamonds is called big casino and yields 2 points
  • 2 of spades are known as Little Casino and are worth one point.