Types of casino bonus you should know about

Types of casino bonus you should know about

Online casinos have many advantages compares to physical casinos like- comfort of playing from home, better security system, different payment methods, 24/7 customer support, huge game’s collection, free game playing service and so on. And, that is why day by day people are loving the idea of online casino compared to a land-based casino which has many restrictions. One of the amazing features of an online casino is the bonuses provided for the players.  There are different types of bonuses you can find in online casinos. Each one has its own terms and conditions. And, you can use the bonuses cleverly, you will be in a comfortable position in online casinos. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the top online casino bonuses. Click here for Judi Poker.

No Deposit Bonuses

deposit bonus

No deposit bonuses are also called free token bonuses. You get real money to try an online casino before having to make a deposit. These bonuses can range from something modest like $ 5 to something more important like $ 77. Most commonly, they are between $ 5 and $ 25. Chances are you will have to deposit real money before you can withdraw the earnings from the no deposit bonuses, and in general the maximum amount of money allowed to withdraw is also limited. Usual limits are six times or ten times the amount of the free chips. No deposit bonuses will have the same game requirements as other bonuses. Visit this site for Judi Poker.

Withdrawable Bonuses

Withdrawable bonuses are the best bonuses available in the world of online casinos. They are exactly what its name suggests. After meeting all wagering requirements, you can withdraw any remaining bonus amount. Therefore, if you receive a $ 500 bonus after depositing $ 500 and the bonus has a 25x game requirement, you will have to wager $ 25,000 on games that require real money to play. Let’s say you are a blackjack player and you bet $ 25 on each hand. After playing 1,000 hands, if you have $ 700 in your account you can withdraw that amount completely.

Free Spins Bonuses

Free spins bonuses closely resemble free chip bonuses. They can also depend on making a previous deposit and can be both withdrawable and non-withdrawable. A free spins bonus allows you to make a certain number of free spins on slot machines. These free spins are generally restricted to a certain machine on which all spins are required.

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