Poker is a serious business for many people. This is a game that requires not only concentration, but also strategy and skill. These strategies and methods cannot be learned overnight. Very often, experienced poker players achieve their poker strategies through constant and continuous practice, which requires self-discipline and critical thinking.

One of the game styles commonly used by experienced poker players is aggressive poker. This type of ability is characterized by a low percentage of flop and aggressive rates.

How to play hard poker:

Dense players retire when their common sense poker strategies tell them what they need. Very often, these types of players expect to see the flop if their initial hands are good or strong. If not, you should know better than to retire before the flop. For example, if your initial hand consists of 4h and 3c, poker players with a limited circle do not wait for the flop, but immediately discard a card and wait patiently for the next deal.

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A tight game can be done before the flop. For example, after the flop, you, as a strong player, understand that your chances of winning have seriously worsened and you should retire. Simply put, narrow poker players play with their hands if and only if their hands are good, if not, he or she withdraws.

Aggressive poker, on the other hand, means that a player makes aggressive bets when he finally decides to play. This type of player is characterized by frequent bets, raises and re-raises. These aggressive players do not like to control, limp or call other players. Aggressive poker players bet as often as they can.

According to the descriptions given, it can be concluded that aggressive poker players play only when they have a good hand, but they carefully choose the hand they play. He doesn’t play all the hands he has, he plays aggressively to win the pot.

And then the question arises, why do you play aggressive poker? One reason is that playing hard means you maximize your chips. The chips will not be spent on bad hands, and there will be fewer penalties for playing speculative hands. Strong Pkv Online players only have one guide: you only play when you have good hands, and if not, you retire.


Aggressive play also protects your good hands. The speculations of your opponents can be increased with frequent and resubmitted bets. If you raise and raise your bet, your opponents are more likely to refuse bets, especially if they really like their chips. The more players abandon the bets, the more chances they have of winning.