Monopoly Casino is the home of online roulette and online slot machine games. If you are fond of playing Monopoly when you were younger, Monopoly Casino features a game that everybody has grown to love, incorporated in an adult game- casino style. You can choose from a wide variety of games through their website, depending on your choice. There are free to play slots and other monopoly-inspired casino game with no deposits required.

 Monopoly Bring The House Down is one of the most popular Monopoly game. The reels have hot zones that spins down which can land an award as Hot Zone Wilds. This is a 5X3 40-payline slot which has a lot of features that may include Hot Zones and Hotels where you can get additional multipliers on the wilds.

Special Game Features. 

  1. The Wild and Hot Zones. Every game, the Hot Zone Wild patterns will spin with the reel. At the end of each spin, a Hot Zone symbol that land on the reels will turn their location into Wild.
  2. Do the Hotel Upgrades. A hot zone house can be upgraded to a hotel which features a multiplier to all hot zone symbols. The multipliers can only be used once on the qualifying pay-line. When a hot zone house or hot zone hotel lands on a Monopoly symbol, the two symbols will be combined.
  3. Get your Free Spins. This can be initiated with Monopoly symbols on 1, 3 and 5 reels. When you get a Free Spin, the Monopoly symbol will be removed. When a Green House gets a free spin, it will become wild and will lock in place during the free spins.
  4. Have a Chance Card. You can get this at random and will give you a hot zone pattern.
  5. The Bonus Selector. This starts before the winning combinations are evaluated. It lands at a random Hot Zone Pattern where the player is given three seconds to collect the prize. Once the timer stops, the game will give you another hot zone pattern.
  6. Bonus Drop. You may get this award when a hot zone pattern falls above or outside the reel window.

Monopoly Casino features a lot of games that are both fun and exciting. Monopoly Bring The House Down is definitely one the most popular online  slots game by many players. They even offer £20 No Deposit. What are you waiting for? Why don’t you go online and give it a shot? Bring The House Down is definitely a game worth trying.