Poker has a history of a decade and more. So does poker tournaments. Why not, after all poker is one of the most well known and frequently played card games all around the world. Today, tournaments are not just played in offline poker rooms but are widely played over the internet as well. Even situs judi takes part in many of the tournaments on a worldwide basis. It is convenient to say that the game has undergone huge evolution over the years considering the increasing number of people who are interested both in the individual games as well as tournaments

The tournaments of today are showcased on television and over the internet. They also come in the news, stories about the wins that make global headlines. The situs judi is one of the most popular online poker sites. Over the years there have been a rather interesting debate surrounding the conflict whether Poker is a gambling game or a full fledged sport. But, Poker is such close to life itself involving both the luck of playing and the required skill set to win. But even though it is an intellectual mix of both, to become a pro in the game it needs a lot of practice.

The Origins:

The seed of card games have been sown in what seems to be during the rule of Emperor Mu-Tsung early in the 969 AD. It then further traversed over Egypt and Persia between the 12th and 16th century. It was the French who gave birth to the 4 basic suits for Poker. This was by the end of 1480 standardized all over Europe. Different versions of Poker became immensely famed in both Germany and France in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. It is since then that Poker games was into the phase of evolution and still is and running successfully worldwide. Today, there are major tournaments of Poker that are held on a global level like the WPT (World Poker tour) and the World Series of Poker.

The Present Scenario:

At a present date there are many tournaments that are conducted both offline and on online platforms. The World Poker Tour involves poker competitions that are conducted in different place of the world. However, do not be mistaken for cash games and tournaments are different. It had also come out in the reputed Forbes Magazine that Poker is a classified sport and the WSP ranks as the ninth richest global event.