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CSGO gambling sites

The Betting Website Rankings

Each of the betting website is manually examined by the team to make sure that they are trustworthy and reliable. The promo codes are also checked, the bonuses available are determined, as well as the free bet and deposits required. The more bets you place, the more CS: GO skins you can win!

The TOP THREE CS: GO Betting Websites

  • com. Here, you can win cash and skins by playing through CS: GO. This betting site is very popular in Russia with 20.39% visitors. The United States places second on the most visitors which is 10.79%, and Denmat at 5.82% visitors. The site gives free rubies for CSGO betting or for buying skins.
  • gg. At you can use your CS: GO skins to bet on a lot of games. If you win you get more skins that you can use for playing other games. The site has the best amazing bonuses and special promotions. For new members, you can tweet a promotion and follow the company to be eligible for the bonus. This is about $0.5 to $0.75 addition to your daily bonus which is $0.1 plus a cent for every level achieved.
  • gg. This is the most exclusive CS: GO betting platform. If you like to bet real money, this is the best pick for you. According to the records, the website has already received over 2 million visitors as of 2017. Russia ranks the highest in the website visitors which is 13.81%, followed by the United States which is 9.67% visitors.

The CSGO route has checked all the betting websites that you can find on the internet and ranked them on a 1-10 scale. The factors considered are the price of the bet, the variety of games available, as well as the chances of winning. So for sure, this is the place to check out the best betting websites for you. The above top three sites are the most visited betting sites which also offers the best bonuses and promotions. So if you are geared up to win, go visit CSGroute today!