There were many lottery games introduced in the later centuries after it’s advent in 1820’s. The lottery was held by just printing the tickets with numbers and the person has to buy these lottery tickets in order to win prizes. All the players who had bought the tickets had to wait for days, sometimes weeks in order to find the actual winner. These lotteries were declared once all their tickets sold out. These games were also called as passive drawing games which were prominent in the market in late 1920’s. But as the customers or the players demanded for more exciting prizes, the organizers were bound to leave the market as the pay-out option for the prizes were very less.

There is almost every state in USA which offers cash lotto and instant games where you don’t have to wait for the lottery results and you get instant prize money for yourself. There a set of games where you can select a number of large games where the prizes are also distributed on the basis of the amount of tickets bought by an individual. Mostly, the tickets or the numbers were picked out at random, declaring the lucky winner. There were also scratch card games were a coating was formed on the number. The number was declared before the selling of the cards. If you get these numbers, you win a lottery. It reveals the number hidden beneath the coating and if it matches, the person becomes lucky to hit jackpots as well.

Types of Lotteries

Many states offer games based on numbers. They are usually three to four digit numbers games like keno, spiel, pull tabs and video lottery as well. Keno is a Lottery game in which a variety of numbers are selected and the players select a smaller set of numbers. If the numbers are drawn in the sets, the players are awarded prizes. Spiel is an add-on feature to a สถิติหวย lotto game that provides an extra set of numbers and the numbers to be matched the random drawing to win the game. Pull tabs are two play paper tickets and are separated to find symbols or numbers underneath them. Once the complete sequence is posted, the winning sequence is declared. Video lottery is nothing but the video screen played on casinos and television. They can be played every few minutes and lots of prizes can be won.