Interesting features of the fast pace Domino card game

Interesting features of the fast pace Domino card game

The special poker game dominoqq uses a pack of 28 cards with number of dots or spheres denoting the number or value of card. As much as six players can play this game. Each player gets 4 cards in this game in two sets and the player with high scoring card, number 9-9 or qq wins the game. The game has two levels, first level is Ante or blind bet level and second level is final bet.

Calculate scores and know how to bet

The players bet with minimum chips in first level and get the first three cards. Players sum up their scores and place second or last bet in the second level and get the fourth card after betting. The fourth or final card determines the winner of this game. The total number of dots in each card of player adds to give final score. If the value is higher than 9 and has two digits, second digit is the value of card. When the players bet when three cards are known, if one does not want to follow the bet, they are immediately relieved from the game and they don’t get the fourth card.

Special cards of the domino game

Even if a player gets score of 9, there are certain special rare cards with high power. One of such special card is a six god card, as there are only four such cards in the entire set of 28 cards. Another special card is large pure card when the total dots of four cards of a player is higher than 38. Consequently, the small pure card where total dots of four cards of a player totals to less than 9 is also a special card. Four block card where all cards of player are balak is also special. These special cards help players win despite their opponents with high score of nine.

Advantages of online domino game

The dominoqq game is a very fast and interesting poker variation that attracts many people. The gaming sites offer initial bonus points to start the game. The player needs only a smaller count of chips as 500 that makes it easy for everyone to involve in the game. The rules are simpler than the regular poker game as there are no ranks and colours involved among the cards and everything revolves around the total value or dots in the cards. Once a person gets the hang of this domino game, it is addicting and fun to play.

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