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Day: April 12, 2019

All you Need to Know About Downloading Online Poker

All you Need to Know About Downloading Online Poker

The madness for online poker games is growing amongst the young. The game is classified as one of the most exciting games in the history of online games. Many television programs also contribute to the popularity of online poker games. With a wide range of collections available online for downloading online poker, it’s no wonder that newcomers to the game may be confused by the options.

When players want to download online poker, it’s natural to keep in mind a few questions about the download process and the beginning of the game.

Here is some information that will help you learn more about how to download the game.

Download for free

Poker room software can be downloaded for free. Poker rooms also offer free registration on their sites. By downloading online poker, you can get free tables “for real money” and “fictitious money,” and you can play as much as you want without spending money.

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Safe options

Online poker sites use security measures for players. Therefore, you can safely provide information about your credit cards or anything else on these sites.


If you are thinking of downloading online poker, you should check out the latest game reviews. This is the essential part of the whole process. When searching for downloadable daftar poker online games using search engines, you can find the best options on the pages that you can download for free. You can choose the ones that offer the best bonuses.

Boot process

The process of downloading online poker games involves a few simple steps: click “Download” and save the files. After installing the poker software, you can register and register to get an account. The installation process is quick and easy, and the software works like any other software.

Information required for registration

After downloading online poker, you must provide specific account registration information. Sites need information to ensure that the player does not use multiple accounts while playing for real money. The information required for registration is slightly different for each section. Some websites need a username, password, and a valid email account. If you want to download online poker to play for real money, you must provide additional information such as your name, your current address, email address, phone number and a valid payment method to deposit funds into your account.

The reason why more and more people are interested in downloading poker games is in the number of rewards for games. If you are lucky, you can win thousands of dollars for a single bet.

But there are some aspects that you should be careful with when downloading poker games.

  • Always prefer authentic names, since you have to deal with virtual distributors.
  • Even though online poker is easy to download, it is equally difficult to master the tricks of the game.
  • It is also essential to get a download service for subsequent poker games. Many reliable poker gaming sites provide excellent reference service for all your products.

Every website that offers the ability to download poker games has a help section. You can check the instructions and features of the game, and then continue the process.

Characteristics Of A Good Monitor For Poker

Characteristics Of A Good Monitor For Poker

The number of table s that you can have open without overlapping simultaneously depends on the resolution of the monitor and not the inches of the screen.  The size of the screen will only make that number of non-overlapping tables look larger or smaller. It is not the same to play cash (fast or normal) or to play BandarQ online. You must know the number of tables you can handle at the same time.

Size Of The Screen For Poker

Take for example that you have decided that you want a resolution of 1920 × 1080, that is, having 12 tables reduced or 2 by default. With this resolution we can have a 15.6 “laptop, a 24” monitor or a 32 “HD TV. All three have the same resolution and in the three the maximum number of tables without overlapping that you can see are 12 but the differences are obvious. It is not the same to see 12 tables on the screen of a laptop or on a 24 “monitor. That is why there is an optimal screen size for each resolution.

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Response Time And Refresh Time For Poker Monitor

On the one hand, the response time is basically what takes a pixel, measured in milliseconds (ms), to go from White to Black to White (from 0-255-0), traditionally in ISO 13406-2 measurement unit, or currently, measured according to GtG (gray to gray = gray-gray-gray). The greater the response time of the pixel, obviously, its illumination is more in line with the image speed, so if it is not adequate or it is low, it leaves a trailing stele = ghosting. This point is important in images with a lot of movement but, make no mistake, in the online poker tables the image is almost static even when we play fast ZOOM PS tables. With normal monitors of 5ms of response time we will see the image without the effect of ghosting.

On the other hand, the refresh rate of a monitor is the frame rate / frames per second, capable of synchronizing a monitor with the GPU (graphics card). The most common monitors are 60HZ and we have monitors very oriented to video games that reach 144HZ.