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May 9, 2012


Ok, so here is the challenge in a nutshell. Poker Pro, Sorel Mizzi,  has issued a challenge to anyone out there, who can commit to a healthier physical lifestyle for the next 3 months and produce great results.  Goals are different from person to person, so there are 4 judges (all fitness guru’s except the host of this party, he is just a poker guru).  Judges will keep track of blogs, progression, stats, and more.  I will host my blog here on 3p’s website, so if you’d like to keep track of my progress and funny stories…then please SUBSCRIBE and show your support.  I will be honest about how I roll through this, so some things might be funny, boring, cocky, depressed, and some entries might not have anything to do with this challenge at all.

So, as of now I have no plan to reach my goals. Actually, I am not really sure what my goals are. Somewhere inside I feel motivated to do something extreme, and because I am a competitive person, I see this as a good challenge. It requires dedication, hard work, discipline, and perseverance. The hardest part is getting started.  So,  ”night Todd” thought it would be a good idea for “morning Todd” to get up at 4 am Tuesday, and go to the gym. I hate “night guy”.  I worked chest for an hour and two days (May 10) later I am still feeling sore. I guess that is a good sign. Yesterday was just biceps, and later this afternoon I will crush my triceps.

I swear I will get a better routine and post the workouts.  Right now, just getting to the gym is the goal. Since Tuesday I am 3 for 3. Rock on.