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hooking up new all-in-one printer


Ok, so I didn’t test for Staff Sgt. today since my information apparently got lost in the system. All good.  I have 2 extra weeks to study to keep my skills sharp. Moving along..3p is still growing and moving forward.  Now that I have a great working environment where I am surrounded by all my creative works, music, space, and the kitchen, I can start hammering down some priority actions before our debut in Vegas this June.  We got our shipment of 3p long sleeve baseball t’s and grey short sleeves in, as well as our 3p patches and poker chips.  If you are interested in supporting our cause and helping 3p raise funds for Randy Couture’s Xtreme G.I. Foundation, shoot me an email: todd@patriotpokerplayers.com.  

Please follow my blog and share with your friends.  I have permission from CE to unlock the downloading privileges to the song I posted below. If you love what you hear, and you like what you read..take the song as a gift from Collective Efforts and follow my blog.



Limited 3p Merchandise